Unsolved Mysteries?

“Busch did 9/11”. Why would anyone accuse the president of the United States of causing terror on his own beloved country? Well, this is a conspiracy that theorists argued and it gained a substantial amount of public attention.

So what exactly caused certain people to call conspiracy upon this tragic event? Here are a few arguments that can cause great suspicion:

It was questioned if the towers collapsed by explosions rather than from the impact of the plane. Some seemed suspicious of how unnatural the towers fell so fast also given that it was a steel building. Also, events such as security precautions took place just days before the attack happened which seemed odd to some.

Of course these claims were debunked by scientists who studied the fall and stated that the cause of the collapse was due to the fire which led to the rapid deterioration of the structure of the towers.

The September 11 Digital Archive offers an answer to those who may seem suspicious of how the towers fell. To my surprise the archive has FAQ’s page and one of the FAQ is “How Did the Towers Actually Fall?” This shows how the conspiracy caught the attention of many Americans.

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