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It was breaking news that headlined throughout the country as the first plane hit one of the Twin Towers in the world trade center, then the next only a few moments later. This particular picture hits home to many. I will always remember as a young child my father’s reaction when we watched the news that night (as we were over seas). I remember the intensity of the moment and images similar to the one above being plastered over the screen of my television.

We soon found out that our country was under attack as two other planes hit Pennsylvania and The Pentagon. Those responsible for 9/11 are members of Al Qaeda; a Sunni Muslim terrorist organization (not to be confused with all Muslims). The alleged accusations for these attacks were our military involvement in the middle east and relationship with Israel.

George W. Bush (the president serving at the time) made plans to invade Afghanistan after 9/11 happened which lead to the Afghanistan War. The mission of this war was to drive out the Taliban and destroy Al-Qaeda.  This war wen on for 13 years until 2014 when Osama Bin Laden, the founder of Al Qaeda, was found and killed by U.S. military forces.

Everyone has a unique memory of this day and the September 11 Digital Archive features individuals with their accounts of what happened. What is unique about Voices of 9.11 is that each of these people were front in center when these attacks, while one witnessed the planes crashed into the towers from her bed room and the other actually in the pentagon when it was hit.

5 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. This is a great topic to write about. Our nation is still affected by the attacks that occurred 15 years ago. I like how you talked about your own personal experience with 9/11. Many people in our generation have have the same experience you did. For your blog, it would be interesting if you related the events of 9/11 to current events!


  2. I think this is a great topic and may have even more meaning at this present time than it did just a few short years ago. In you conspiracy theory section you talk about one of the conspiracies is that George Bush did this. One of the reasons for this is that it is believed the Bush was looking for a reason to go to war with Iraq, which he did a short time after these attacks. What has spawned out of that is an entire region of the world has become destabilized and groups like ISIS have emerged as a direct result of Bush’s actions. While I do not believe in most conspiracy theories, to include this one, I do see where some people might think that it could be possible. Perhaps in future posts you could look at all of the 2nd and 3rd order effects of these terror attacks and the worlds response to them. This would allow your readers to perhaps form some sort of opinion as to what the appropriate action should be in the future to something like this. Other avenues to explore could be reactions to terror attacks in the years prior such as the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen and the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Great job.


  3. This is a very good topic to write about. 9/11 affected so much of us in so many ways–for me, my uncle died in the Pentagon on that day. Google “Khang Ngoc Nguyen pentagon” and it will show up. I was just a first grader and didn’t understand the full impact of what I heard that morning in school until I got home to my grandmother’s house and saw my aunt crying. My cousin, just a four year old, was confused about what was going on. All in all it was a terrible time for our family because at the same time, 9/11 was my grandmother’s birthday!

    Good job overall, although I think the words would be better left aligned than center. But that’s just me. I look forward to reading whatever you come up with next!


  4. This is a very good post. One nitpick is that you spelled ‘went’ ‘wen’ near the very end. A small detail but something to edit really fast if you don’t want any typos or anything. I also think Al Queda should be capitalized but I could be wrong. Something to look into if it is so.


  5. I like how you used this post as a historical information page. The video adds to a reminder of how it felt to witness the incident for the perhaps the first time in a while. I also like how you incorporate yourself into the post by bringing up the personal experience which brings you down to Earth with your audience. The historical information for the blog post acts as a starting ground and set up for the rest of your blog posts and website.


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